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Tegan Bailey


Wiradjuri Country, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Tegan's experimental printmaking practice delves into layered complexities of identity, with a particular focus on neurodiversity and nostalgia.

Neurotype (Blue), 2022

hand-coloured drypoint

unique state

23 x 28cm (framed), plate size: 12 x 15cm


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Outsider, 2022

drypoint on rag paper

edition: 4/4

23 x 28cm (framed), plate size: 12 x 15cm


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Happy Birthday, 2023

drypoint with monoprint on rice paper

edition 1/3

25 x 20cm (framed), plate size:15 x 12cm


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Southern Bell Frog, 2023

drypoint with chine collé on Stonehenge

unique state

38 x 28cm (unframed)


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