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Sue worked as an academic for over two decades, teaching students the relationship between art and books. Now, she is a free-range artist, spending most of her days in the studio.

Her work is inspired by the rolling plains of the Riverina, where she lives, and the rugged cliffs and red sands of Central Australia, which she has visited many times.  Sue has an abiding interest in small town museums: in the stories they tell and the ones they don’t.


Whether Sue is making a stitched textile, an artist book, or a series of paintings, drawings or prints her work is about landscape and place. She is fascinated by the ways that humans interact with the environment: looking at it, immersing ourselves in it, or trying to impose order on it. Through her practice she is interested in how making art in relation to place might help us understand one another, bringing us closer to the natural world, and encouraging us to live more sustainably.

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